• About Me

    As a renowned figure, Khory Hancock and The Environmental Cowboy have celebrated many accomplishments throughout their careers. In 2016, the environmentalist was shortlisted as a finalist for the Young Queenslander of the Year in the Environmental and Sustainability Award category - a moment which remains close to his heart.


    Hancock has also made appearances as an inspiring keynote speaker and MC at conferences dedicated to climate change and carbon across Australia. He even hosted an episode of Discovery Channel's What On Earth?


    Most recently, Khory won the Global Talent Award for SDG 14 Life on Water Category for his innovative seaweed carbon project. Out of 1500 applicants worldwide, his creativity and business savvy propelled him to victory.


    Outside of these achievements, Hancock has assisted with world's largest restoration project in Australia: The Carbon Farming Initiative. This effort seeks to rehabilitate agricultural areas that may suffer from certain farming habits, specifically by reviving water quality in Australia's Great Barrier Reef Catchment area (GBR).


    The environmental campaigner has embraced blue carbon methodology while working on open ocean seaweed farming projects and is currently developing his third documentary film 'The Last Blue Hope'. This feature film explores marine restoration solutions for the ocean to battle climate shift.