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    Khory Hancock

    Khory Hancock's relationship with the natural world began at an early age while growing up on a 30,000-acre cattle farm in Carnarvon Gorge National Park in Queensland, Australia. His time spent there and its diverse ecology helped him develop a deep appreciation for both nature and agriculture. Deciding to specialize in environmental science due to this, he then progressed into the mining resource sector across Queensland and New South Wales where he was employed as an environmental advisor which exposed him to a multitude of blue chip companies.


    Merging his ambition for regeneration with technology, Hancock oversaw sheep and cattle stations espoused across western Queensland and New South Wales; these pioneering projects giving him valuable experience mapping vegetation, negotiating with farmers, and displaying advanced proficiency in carbon farming processes.


    Over the course of his twelve-year career specializing in restorative practices and environmentalism he has established himself as an expert leader within many large companies. Demonstrating exemplary levels of quality control, safety regulations and environmental management systems , especially those related to Carbon abatement through land management activities, waste disposal, water conservation , green house gas reporting & carbon farming strategies - along with auditing data collection & atmospheric reporting.


    Hancock is highly regarded for his employment success within various notable roles such as Carbon/Environmental Farming Advisor & Environmental Superintendent; currently he is Managing Director & founder of a carbon project developer company.